Re: Site Specific Work: Webbed Feats

Stephan Koplowitz (
Sat, 14 Jun 1997 12:37:31 GMT

Yes, folks I'm still here....barely....producing this web site has been quite an
experience....I've learned a lot!

When you log onto
because the site doesn't officially launch until June 19th, you are greeted
with an invite to the benefit launch....however, there is a link straight into
the beta site from that page....things are still not 100% functional but more
than enough is there for all to see...the most dance intensive area is the
Promenade page which has a java app involving "creating" a phrase of movement
from 15 photographs and responding to each photograph with text...the rest of
the site is a pretty straight forward call of entries of different art forms
inspired by specific sites in Bryant Park....

Also, for those of you in the NYC area, I'd like to invite you to the launch
POST benefit party which is significant less expensive than the $75 for the
first part of the email invite is below...for $10 you get dancing
and a generous open about that is below....

I would welcome your reactions, questions about this project....I am still in
the process of producing/hiring performers for September 17th....



Connie Connors and Betty Wasserman invite you to.....

To benefit the launch of Webbed Feats presents: BYTES of Bryant Park.
(description below)

Thursday, June 19th
Place: Pseudo Programs
600 Broadway, 6th floor
(SE corner)

Time: 10:00pm to 2:00AM

$10 at the door
Music by DJ Odyssey

Sponsored by
Stoli Flavored Vodkas
Bombay Sapphire Gin
Brooklyn Beer

(no one under 21 admitted)

Webbed Feats is a non-profit organization of artists devoted to presenting
exciting and unique site-specific performances developed with the participation
of the World Wide Web audience. Bytes of Bryant Park is Webbed Feats' premier
event. Midtown New York City's Bryant Park is the inspiration and the stage for
dance, theater, creative writing, improvisations, and original music created by
the global www audience. This extraordinary 6-hour performance, under the
artistic direction of director/choreographer Stephan Koplowitz, in cooperation
with the Bryant Park Restoration Corporation, will be presented free to the
public and broadcast over the Internet on September 17th, 1997.

Packer Collegiate Institute
Brooklyn, NY USA