Live-I Salon, Monday Night, NYC

Mark Coniglio (
Sat, 14 Jun 1997 10:58:50 -0400

I know it is a bit short notice, and that many of you do not reside in New
York City, but I wanted to invite any of you who might be interested to
join us for the 3rd Live-I Salon at Harvestworks on Monday, June 16th at

With the kind assistance of Harvestworks and its director Carol Parkinson,
Troika Ranch (meaning Dawn and I) have twice hosted a small gathering of
artists who are using technology in their live performance work. It is a
small but growing community here in NYC, and we felt that it would be a
useful to see each other on a regular basis, to show our work in progress
and to be able to share ideas, know-how and critique.

You can read the a second draft of our mission statement below.

One final note. I would appreciate it if, for the time being, you do not
forward this invitation beyond this list. It is our hope to create a strong
but relatively small group of dedicated practioners. If you know someone
you feel strongly should receive an invitation, please email me directly at

Mark Coniglio



The live-i salon is a regular gathering of artists, performers and
technologists who use new technological tools in the creation and
performance of live interactive artworks.

We come together to establish a lively critical dialog regarding the many
aesthetic and performative issues that are inevitable when humans and
computers are brought together in performance. By showing each other our
works in progress, in every state from raw to refined, we hope to discover
what this onstage cyborgian mix means to the performance, creation and
viewing of our work.

We come together with a common desire to discover new ways to express ideas
and emotions through the use technological tools. And while we acknowledge
our deep affinity for the tools that are an essential part of our work, we
are always mindful of the fact that they are the conduit of our expression
and not the basis of it.

We come together to share know-how. Each new tool, whether it be hardware
or software, offers unique possibilities for new modes of expression while
it simultaneously breeds unexpected technical and aesthetic dilemmas. Each
member of the group will be called upon to share the insight and experience
gained in relation to her chosen toolset.

We come together to share our works with the world. The results of critical
discourse and theoretical thinking cannot become apparent until put into
practice in front of an audience. It will be our goal to curate and
organize an evening of performance consisting of the the strongest works
created by members of the live-i group.


Mark Coniglio, Artistic Co-Director |
Troika Ranch |