Re: Question on Macs

Mark Coniglio (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 08:34:44 -0400

>General question,
>Which computer systems are ahead in terms of dance technology and the
>human form? I mean are Macs really ahead with graphics and 3-D
>animation capabilities, or are the PC's pretty much the same? What
>about software? Does this differ?
>Replies appreciated!

I can speak only in terms of having the computer as an interactive "agent"
in a live performance. In this case, I think that the Mac is ahead of the
game, because there aren't really any artist friendly authoring tools that
are designed to work with live interaction. (Of course, there may be
something that I don't know about - let's hear about it if this is the
case.) I am speaking of languages like MAX and Interactor which are both
Mac only at this time.

When it comes to 3D and drawing the human form, I am less in the know.
Others here will problably know more.


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