Re: ICKL 20th Conference to be held in Asia

Scott deLahunta (
Fri, 06 Jun 1997 08:56:57 +0200

On the Laban conference -- who out there reading the list is involved in
notation software? University of Surrey in collaboration with the Benesh
Institute is working on a project which is apparently well funded. Can
anyone tell me if we can anticipate the day when a dance notation system is
linked with a 3-d movement animation program... which can reconstruct from
the notation a visual 'danced' representation of the work, on-screen?
Notation for a 5 minute dance will take up far less digital space (i
presume) than a full 3-d rendering of it... so these dances could be sent
back and forth across the world quickly via the net.

Anone out there working on something like this?

>ICKL 20th Conference to be held in Asia
>The twentieth biennial conference of the International Council of
>Kinetography Laban (ICKL) will take place August 8-14 at the Hong Kong
>Academy of Performing Arts, during the Dance On '97 international event .
>This conference, devoted to the exploration and application of Laban's
>brilliant system of dance notation, is the very first to be held in the
>Pacific Rim.

What are the cultural implications of 'laban' in relationship to asian dance
forms? Do 'essential' aspects of dance from non-western cultures suffer as a
result of being recorded/ represented by 'western' notation systems? This is
not a politically-correct question, but we have to admit that new media
technologies are part of the ongoing massive globalization of culture... and
there are serious questions about culture identity and diversity to be
considered. An ecological view of culture would suggest that cultural
systems maintain richness and variety when modes of representation are
encouraged to compete. So, we should not search for the best or most
'brilliant' notation system, but be prepared to handle a complex environment
with competing notation systems each fighting for supremacy.

With tongue firmly in cheek !!


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