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Amanda Steggell (
Thu, 22 May 1997 01:06:12 +0200 (MET DST)

>u should or learn to program.
Believe me - when the need arises I will do it.right now, I am not just "I"
in the work I'm involved in. I am one of a many-skilled team. And the
programming "we" need get's done.

but u sure r missing my point, Nick. When I talk about process, I am
talking about the process of making a work, which also has to do with the
lives and times we live in, not necessarily the process of technical
application and programming, but neither excluding either.

>is Lifeforms a useful choreographic tool?
-Yes, if it suits ur process. No, if it doesn't.

Their should be simple things lifeforms should have which is doesn't. first
>a library of animations and models.
Nick - talk to the lf lab and u will prbably hear it's underway. However -
it's not difficult to make yer
own library - design yer own movement.

Is there even one model of a dancers performance space?
- go on, nick, what IS a dancers performing space?
b.t.w: Have u taken the time to visit some of the homepages of the list
participants? And further.
There r many different interests here, and we r here becoz somewhere along
the line, we'v got into what we once and may still know or call dance,
somehow - otherwise we would not be on the list. I have pointed out why I
am here. I appreciate the oppurtuunity to share with others who'v also
somehow got here.

Moving on - from Butoh, to ballet, to mask, in dance, out of dance, dance
not dance, space, time, media, medea, muslim, music or sound or
information, transfer, transform, mutate, mail, post, copy, translate,
architecture, telematic, animation, memory, theory, history, video, audio,
out and away from dance, connected and unconnected, science, philosophy,
real /virtual, midi, mind, body, nobody, bots and knowbots. deep space and
deep blue, deep south, far east, north west, haunting, in and out of
institution, improvisation, fieldwork, body work, choreography,
composition,art not art, abscence/presence. Stellarc to Noah's ark. Life
but how to live it.

>i put examples of using photoshop for set/costume design on my site. i
>could (if i ever get around to it - create a set of photoshop plug-ins to
>do this kind of stuff e.g. to paint on someone's face and keep three
>dimensionality and texture)
>try to do it yourself. most will quit.
- good for u. I use photoshop for other things. Pleaz show some respect.

>try to model your performance space. wouldn't u rather simply have the
>space as well as models of chairs, or people, or whatever and start
- again - there r many wayz to think of space.

I appologise if u others think this mail has gotten into an Amanda/Nick
bash. I will try to b grown-up and stop it right now.

But really!

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