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nik (
Wed, 21 May 1997 12:11:29 -0800

>I should add, too, that Oberlin is also doing all it can to expose dancers
>to technology beyond the usual internet/work processing that all students
>must do. We are offering workshops in dance/technology, and students must
>address documentation issues, typically including the use of computer-based
>video editing systems. My department, TIMARA (Technology in Music and
>Related Arts) is trying to forge ever closer ties with the Dance/Theatre
>Dept., and there is great interest from at least some of the dance majors
>here - particularly in working closely with composers. With our heavy (and
>growing) concentration on performance technologies, dance, and dancers are
>becoming increasingly involved in using technologies in performance.
>I'm sure there are other centres out there (CalArts and Simon Fraser, for
>sure) doing this kind of work with students - students who will hopefully
>soon be entering the "world" as performers and choreographers. Continuing
>to provide these artists with the tools and financial impetus to continue
>to pursue this work is probably the central issue here...

good to hear!!!

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