ballet in cyberspace

Cynthia A. Roses (
Mon, 19 May 1997 18:05:04 -0400

Thank you for all your responses to my question regarding ballet and the

I was a prima ballerina, taught, choreographed and now I write about it.
My questions regarding ballet come from participating in it and now
looking at it as an art form and wondering where it is going to go to
survive. I don't think we can look at Swan Lake whether it is done by
females or males forever. Ballet has to be brought into the 21st
century. Most artistic directors I talk to think ballet is going through
a transitory period and will eventually merge with modern in some form
to go forward. (forward in this sense choreographically)

I feel modern is way ahead of the game on going forward. Modern dancers
inherently explore. Ballet dancers do not. Ballet many times looks
backward to go forward. And it seems that when ballet feels it is going
forward it is really just doing modern dancing with pointe shoes on-- a
modern ballet. I have not heard of ballet incorporating LifeForms to
choreograph. Computers and I may be wrong on this are used only for
stage production, music, lighting, etc. Nothing like what is happening
at Troika Ranch.

As to why I think modern is more hip than ballet in computers it is for
that reason, that ballet dancers and professors of ballet that I know do
not know how to access the internet, don't use, communicate on it and
reluctantly regard it as useful.

Once again, you have all made good points and I would appreciate doing
interviews for my newsletter even small ones that I could combine as to
your ideas regarding dance and the computer.

Cynthia Roses-Thema