Re: ankoku techno (re:occult / trance)

Susan Kozel (
Sat, 17 May 1997 17:39:25 +0000

thanks for the musings on butoh ... and also for the term "gesamtgeekswerk" (!)

as i am still mid Body Electric Fest this will be brief, just to say that
tetsuo fukuhara is also interested in working with technologies and
architecture to expand "new butoh" into what he calls "space dance." since
there are huge disputes over the purity of butoh: whether westerners can do
butoh, whether "new butoh" is still butoh if it slips away from Hijikata
and Ohno's precedents, and whether new butoh is even butoh, i think
tetsuro's desire to *re-name* what he's doing is very fitting. butoh is
about language, memory and tradition as much as about physical space... and
technologies are certainly not without their own histories and memories...

is the article you are preparing on butoh?