Re: Polyphony and Language/butoh

Johannes H. Birringer (
Sat, 17 May 1997 01:54:23 -0500

Okay, as readers may becoming stressed out by my posts on ethnography, it's
time for me to wrap up and go home (next Wednesday). So I'll stop on
Tuesday, if that's okay.

I am grateful, though, for Mark's questioning the language of the
anthropologists, as I questioned the musicological language of composition.
And Guy (welcome back) threw in an exciting angle on efficient, robust and
brittle machines and tumbling men. The butoh reference was amazing.

But if we share languages, daily ones and more specialized or complex ones,
then the sharing is one of questions that were raised, in my whole
excursion. An excursion across fields to come back to "interactivity."

My last proposition was:

> interactivity cannot be designed.>

any comments?