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Richard Povall (
Thu, 15 May 1997 15:52:52 -0400

>Hi Johannes/ Amanda --
>I agree that the issue of free usage should be up for discussion. On the one
>hand, I support the completely free access to any and all information which

I'm can't really believe I'm hearing (aha!) this discussion - and have to
admit that I've not followed the entire thread because of being in a very
crazy time where I'm just not giving these posts the attention they
deserve. So pardon me if I've missed a major point somewhere...

This is very much a public space, and any sense of ownership of material
seems to be _by definition_ given up when material is submitted to the
group, or almost anywhere on the internet. If I have material that I feel
needs to stay within my copyright control, or which I have written but
which is copyrighted by some other entity, I don't publish it on the
internet. Of course I lay myself open in some way for "my words" to be
used by someone else with attribution or even for gain, but I think that
reflects more on the (ab)user than on me as the originator. Material that
passes through this list, however formal, is to me more like a conversation
between friends in a public place. I can't copyright it, nor would I wish
to. I read with gratitude that Johannes is now compiling the contents of
the list. I certainly don't feel worried by that or have any fears that
Johannes will produce a best selling book with _my_ words.

I think attempts to control usage of content of this or any other list are
potentially chilling, and certainly counterproductive. Let us revel in
each others words without the burden of ownership or commerce.

Now, can someone enlighten me whence this thread emerged? Hope I haven't
missed the point entirely.

Roll on summer...


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