re: 'permission'

Johannes H. Birringer (
Wed, 14 May 1997 02:27:29 -0500

I will respond to Susan's stimulating post later, I very much appreciated it;
here I just wanted to pick up Amanda's question about the discussion (or are
you just talking about the infos on conferences, projects?) on our list.

This is a question that may have come up sooner or later. I am all for
freedom of information, sharing.

As to our shared dialogue, that may create another dimension though, which
may be copyrightable or protectable, in terms of our shared or quoted
conversations. last week I started to collect all our dialogues (since
February) on a file, and it's growing to almost 150 pages. It made me
wonder, say, if someone else wanted to read what we discuss, how would one
offer our posts/dialogues for "reading" (i.e. could our NETtalk be published
as a dance/rehearsal/conversation), would it make sense, could anyone
follow, along hypertext or "chronologically" (soon we may also have images,
sounds, included, or do already through the links to motherboard, sannadra,
vancouver.....) or are such discussions/link events in virtual shared space
no longer chrono-logic?

Are they out of time (logic)?

I think the latter possibility, of us enaging a textual contact
improvisation that is already more than that, because the thoughts jump
from/across our physical work and technological experiments and our
emotional lives, is more challenging, and perhaps cannot be "represented or
filed or reproduced" or leaked to a journalist. I ask this seriously<< since
it touches upon the debate of "audience". If we/you read/dance along, then
maybe one can catch up, or think/muse between the lines/images, but can it
be "printed" out?

How does one "print out" movement?

Just a dance quesion.

(DEEP BLUE, I am being told, is a matter of parallel processing. That's what
the local computer science lab at Rice specializes in. They court students
from all over the world to come here to work in the lab. I wonder whether
dance-technologists are sought for like that. mmmh.). I wonder what happened
to the old courtly dance.

You are all invited to my housewarming/studio opening dance tonight, at 7:oo
pm, Texas time. No ISDN or telematic connectors, sorry, you'll have to drive
down. We got plenty of parking space. I welcome you in spirit.