Re: transdance and the occult

Susie Ramsay (100705.140@CompuServe.COM)
13 May 97 08:54:00 EDT

>At last year's Cyberconf5 in Madrid a presentation was given by the creator
>of HTML (Mark ? ... I can't remember his surname - does anyone else know?)
>equating the internet with global spiritual developments of the turn of the
>millenia. His presentation was gripping - the style and rhetoric of a
>pstmodern fire and brimstone preacher! - but his message was that the
>"occult" of technology was seeping into our lives and consciousnesses. We
>did not have to hunt for it. It simply was becoming more and more of a fact
>of life.

Hola Susan,

His name is Mark Pesce and he invented VRML (virtual reality modelling
language). For those who want to know more, the 5Cyberconf paper he presented
"Proximal and Distal Unity" is published online at:
and includes links to his web sites.

For a different take on possible future worlds and the spirituality-technology
question, I recommend that people also read German theorist Florian Roetzer's
"Outer Space, Virtual Space" <> .

And to find out how the digital revolution is affecting other parts of the
world as we speak, two excellent essays:
"Forsaken Geographies and the New World "Other"" by Nigerian poet and art
historian Olu Oguibe.
"Beyond the Nationalist Panopticon. The Experience of Cyberpublics in India"
by writer and researcher Ravi Sundaram.

Oh, and hello to everyone I have met and please to meet you to those I
haven't. I've been on the list for a few weeks, thanks to Scott, and have
enjoyed reading the discussions about issues I have wrestled with for a few
years (many of them still have me pinned to the ground ;). Briefly, I'm a
choreographer-dancer who has experienced the trials, joys (I think) and
excitement (this for sure) of working with shaky, emerging, temperamental
interactive technologies. In the past couple of years I have been involved
mostly on the side of organizing/coordinating conferences and exhibitions in
the area of new media. I'm from Montreal but live in Madrid.
hasta la proxima!

Susie Ramsay