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>Dear Nik,
>Your idea for the magazine on dance tech sounds interesting to me. After
>many years of focussing on the work of being a dancer more or less
>exclusively, it is only recently that I am beginning my delving into
>multimedia and the crossover between dance and technology. So at present I am
>more of a sponge for information than a articulator of it. I'd like
>nonetheless to keep the lines of communication open.


I'll add u to the list of possible contributors. But this 'zine is going to
take the theme of patches (see addendum botom). Your patch - so you chose
to accept it - could be about that exploring process?



addendum (please forward to anyone u think would be interested)

Any Dance Nerds Out there:

There's going to be a dance 'zine (needs a name, btw) that is
structured along the idea of patches in a quilt. (say quarterly?
yearly? one time deal?)

The theme is the integration of humaity and technology thru digital
dance. The 'zine will together a front page to organize everything
and conributors will contribute subpages along the theme in their
particluar interest (e.g. photography, set design, costume design,
illustration, online communities, e-mail friends, explorations in the new
media, etc.).

Basically, each contributor would design a page along a subtopic of
digital dance of his/her choice. Mostly looking for web experiences
that find passion and soul in the digital vapor.

Alot of this could be organizing links, interests in to a beautiful page.

Basically, i was thinking of doing the zine sort of like the aids
quilt; but rather than a patch - have every contributor do a webpage
on some subtopic of the above.

Interested? Like to add a patch? Thinking of having the first issue
in the end of the summer.




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