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Mon, 12 May 1997 14:29:43 -0800

Dance Tech people:

So much has changed in the 24 hours since i last wrote. = )

The dance 'zine (needs a name, btw) is going along the idea of patches in
a quilt.

Here's an addendum to the previous message i sent:

Might be interesting to do a dance 'zine (say quarterly? yearly? one time
deal?) along these lines of a digital quilt.

Pick some idea - say digital dance. Put together a front page then
subpages (e.g. photography, set design, costume design, illustration,
online communities, e-mail friends, etc.) then have contributors find
interesting sites and write very short descriptions of the links which
explore the subject in more detail, add art,etc.

Basically, each contributor would design a page along a subtopic of digital
dance of his/her choice. Mostly looking for web experiences that find
passion and soul in the digital vapor.

Basically, i was thinking of doing the zine sort of like the aids quilt;
but rather than a patch - have every contributor do a webpage on some
subtopic of the above.

Interested? Like to add a patch? Thinking of having the first issue in the
end of the summer.



p.s. please forward to anyone who u think might be interested in
contributing a "patch."


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