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At 2:05 PM 5/9/97, Lynn Brooks wrote:
>My colleage who teaches video/film here at my school just deposited a
>brochure on my desk for an animations program called "Academic 3D Suite"
>from Fractal Design. It's advertised at $179 (and adds that it's a value
>of $339). My colleague told me that this is outrageously inexpensive for
>an animations program, but said he knows nothing about this product. It has
>3 components: Poser 2, Detailer, and Ray Dream Studio. Has anybody had
>experience with this material? Is it useful?
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It also depends on your time. If you know your going to do 3D then u
should condsider packages that will be there when u grow. But poser 2, and
detailer are worth $179. U probably won't ever use Ray Dream Studio for
serious work - but it might be useful to figure out if u want to do the 3d

Also poser 2 meshes don't export into other packages well.




what is this about?


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