body electric festival

Scott deLahunta (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 20:56:28 +0200

Hello everyone,

We have the 'body electric' festival coming up in Vancouver in a few weeks
which is involving some of our colleagues. In connection with the festival
there is an "ongoing Internet discussion developing ideas and issues around
the festival theme which proposes an exploration of the space between
electronic technology and the body. Changes in perception and identity,
transformation of the body politic, techno-human hybrids, new genders,
alternative forms of cognition and imagination, robotics, cyborgs and
cloning can all be taken as starting points." While some of these topics are
on the fringe of what I consider to be the 'dance and technology' project
(there's a topic for discussion :]), they are all more or less related. I
have just subscribed to the body-electric festival discussion list and plan
to post relevant items to our list. If you are interested in subscribing
yourself you may do so through the festival website:

We have also just witnessed the passing of the 'performance studies
conference' in Atlanta with its stated focus on 'performance and
technology'. Johannes Birringer and Richard Povall attended -- it would be
great to see some short notes on the event from their perspectives. I am
already aware that the event was very theory orientated, short on practice
and support for the artists who came...

Best, Scott
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