Re: lambs at the altar

Scott deLahunta (
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 11:17:12 +0200

Hello Johannes and all...

At 11:49 PM 4/27/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I was shocked to read about the brutal military execution of the Túpac Amaru
>in Lima, and the following cover up that occurred when the State refused to
>give back the dead bodies of the slain guerrillas to their families.

yes --- this Peruvian thing has been a horror... really upsetting the way
it's treated as such a success. Reminds me of the gulf war...

>Just around the time that happened the dance-tech list fell silent, I hope
>it's not in response to my last post. Or perhaps I am not receiving
>everything in my new corner of the world.

Well -- I know that I am incredibly busy going into the end of the school
term and a bunch of other things. I suppose there are others in teaching
situations experiencing the same. I'm sure that it's not a response to your
last post Johannes :) !! I know that Mark and Dawn have just come back from
an intensive weekend performing their work in Boston -- which I understand
went very well despite Mark's misgivings. Also, there are a crew of people
(some from our list) involved in Thecla's event coming up in mid May in
Canada -- so they are probably very busy too.

Anyone planning to attend the opening of Paul Sermon's 'heaven' cuseeme site
on 14 May at 6 pm central european time?


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