Lisa Marie Naugle (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 17:08:45 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Leslie,
Thanks for passing my name along to Mary-Lou. Funny, South Australia
keeps coming up for me these days...feel free to give Mary-Lou my e-mail

I will be out of town from April 25th - May 1...just thought you might want
to know if case you send something and I don't respond right away.

Bye for now,
(I'd really like to get together with you sometime this summer...perhaps
have you and your new partner over...what do you think?)

>Hi Mary-Lou,
>Thanks for getting in touch. What's the focus of your thesis? You may
>want to get in touch with Lisa Naugle - she has been teaching an on-line
>course on dance over the net. Also the Dance and Technology conference
>proceedings have several education-oriented themes throughout. You can
>order them from Will Smith at Ohio State. I have a link to their web
> - Leslie
>* Found your file on the Net! I'm a dance teacher/choreographer working
>* in Adelaide, South Australia. I am currently researching for a Masters
>* Thesis on Dance Technology and Education, so I found the many papers
>* listed very useful. Interested in more communication, thanks!
>* Mary-Lou

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