Body Electric (Vancouver Electronic Arts Festival)

Thecla Schiphorst (
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 11:48:50 -0800

hi everyone:

lisa had mentioned at least two weeks ago that i would send
some information to this list about Body Electric
this years vancouver electronic arts festival. i have been
so incredibly busy helping to set this up that i have had very
little time to do anything but read the incredible discussions
that have been going on in this list ...

finally the web site is up for the vancouver electronic arts festival.
the theme of this years festival is Body Electric.

Among the participants in the festival are some members from
the dance&tech community:

Sally Jane Norman, Lisa Naugle, Susan Kozel, Jason Marchant, Yacov Sharir
Diane Gromala, and myself Thecla Schiphorst, to name a few...

although the festival is not limited to 'dance' and technology
I have been involved on the programming committee and have
done everything under my power to ensure that the voice
of dance practitioners is represented in the every evolving
dialogue of body and technology .... there
will be dance telepresence performances during the cabaret on Sunday
evening of May 18th. These include work by Lisa Naugle and Susan Kozel.
There are a number of other very interesting interactive performances
and panels, and papers and events ....

please check out the website at



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