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Lisa Marie Naugle (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 23:32:07 -0700 (PDT)

I'm checking into access here for an ISDN, in hopes of doing a few trials
over the summer.

I mentioned the "mirror site" idea to a colleague here who is organizing a
three-week Computed Art Summer Intensive next year...there is definite

However, given some of the discussion around a non-academic, independent
site, I think this is worthwhile investigating this idea as well. I will
also check into it as possiblity here (non-academic mirror site).

I wonder if we can have the freedom of workshopping without the pressure to
perform AND connect to a larger community by setting a context for a
public gathering...which is different from "performance"...perhaps invite
participation/discussion for one or two days from others not directly
involved in the intensive.


>>To end, then, I wish to strongly support the idea of a retreat or
>>experimental workshop that could bring many of us together for an intensive
>>10 days or two weeks, either to construct a performance lab, show
>>work-in-progress to one another/to others, or embark on a joint
>>collaborative experiment together.
>>I told Scott last week that once Imma and I are settled with our studio in
>>Houston (fall of 97), I would be excited to look into possibilities of
>>arranging such a retreat in Texas in 1ate 1998. Richard already suggested
>>Ohio, and Lisa offered a possible mirror site in Vancouver. It's likely that
>>Richard has the better facilities/studios in place at his university, and
>>I'd be happy to help Richard and support him.
>>On the other hand, if I may throw this up, I'd personally be more interested
>>in working in an independent site (outside of academia), connect to a larger
>>community (showing, distrubution), or create an event (International
>>Dance/Technology Workshop & Concert) out of it. I can find performance sites
>>etc in Houston, and we'd be in a large city that might (Cultural Arts
>>Council) support us financially, and help us to make the international link
>>ups (I am not thinking of NASA, but there's a huge scientific community in
>>Houston), as well as invite some folks from the science /engineering
>>community there. Primarily, though, I'd wish for a small group of 30 people
>>or so to have intensive time (and space) for work and for a social gathering
>>(sharetime). My proposal would be for a winter time (there is no winter in
>>Texas). But Richard, we could also start out in Ohio and plan Houston later
>>(1999), with a cross-event in Europe in-between, I am sure Amanda, Scott,
>>and others have ideas and the experience already in telematic / on ground
>There is another possible model here, in which the workshop participants
>are together for 2 or 3 weeks (or however long...) in intensive workshops,
>all culminating in a public weekend mini symposium/festival. Certainly
>this is where a non-academic, independent site might be more appropriate.
>I have mixed feelings about this. There is an enormous freedom in
>workshopping without the pressure to perform. I did a week of intensive
>workshop a couple of winters ago at the Royal Festival Hall in London,
>working with 10 choreographers and 10 composers. There was no pressure of
>performance involved, although some pairs and small groups did perform at
>the end (not publicly). It was an incredibly rewarding week. It was also
>completely funded, apart from the odd meal here and there, which I think
>also had an impact on the week, and allowed the organisers to invite a much
>wider range of participants than they otherwise could have.
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