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Richard Povall (
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 10:06:59 -0400

>2. how to best document live interactive work. coming from a
>dance/philosophy background rather than film/visual art i have always been
>weak at documenting my own work, preferring instead to let it disappear
>when over. this stance, i now realise, is quite purist overlooking that
>visual documentation is of interest to people, has educational implications
>and helps with funding... but it is so hard to simply video or photograph a
>live, interactive event. (thinking of my partial video of the Future Moves
>experimentation) nor do i feel that CD-roms are necessarily a good way to
>document a performance(i see them as a separate artistic venture). websites
>are good but still quite iconic. i'm beginning to think a partial
>documentation is the best, since it is filled in by the speaker (if it's a
>presentation), the text (if it's an article) or the reader (if it is

Hi Susan - good to see you here. The issue of documentation is one that
vexes us all, I suspect. CD-Rom (DVD?? sooooon) is probably a good
solution, but the time/money involved in this kind of documentation is
tremendous. The Web will be better when video delivery is solved, or at
least vastly improved. This is probably the topic of an intensive workshop
in itself! Having just completed a major cd-rom project, I have attempted
to "document" it on my website. This of course is a wholly different thing
from a live performance - but it does at least attempt to capture the
spirit _and_ the performative aspect of the cd-rom. Comments and feedback


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