Re: telematics

Scott deLahunta (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 19:12:58 +0100

I'm responding to the telematics thread which was going on for a bit a few
weeks ago. I think Richard Povall made the last contribution when he
described the piece 'Empire' by Robert Ashley. Sounded fascinating... and
interesting that it was done in 1992. I think we all get lost a bit
sometimes in not realising that this sort of work has been around for a bit.

I'm currently involved in organising a short intensive 'telematic workshop'
for 8-10 dance, theater and film students at the Amsterdam School of the
Arts. While we are trying to find the funding for a PictureTel ISDN
connection between two sites in Holland (with maybe a third joining from the
UK), I am afraid the money might not come through. Just in case, we are
arranging for the possibility of doing the workshop in two spaces, side by
side in the same building and just running video cable between them. Both
studios will have LCD projectors and screens so what is happening in the
other room will be projected in real time on one wall of each studio.

We are planning this workshop to be 'basic research' into the nature of
telematic presence within the frame (which we are stuck with until we
project holographic dancers which might be with us in 2018 if all goes
well). We have decided to stick to two simple activities in relationship to
this -- arriving and departing in telematic space. Hellos and Goodbyes,
Beginnings and Endings, Entering and Exiting. We will look at how this works
in a narrative structure (like how cinema handles something like coming on
screen and going off) and in a non-narrative way (like how an might take
place more formally on the edge of the screen).

Anyone whom I haven't already talked to who has done similar work -- would
be nice to hear from you.


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