Re: Dance-Tech Mailing List

Scott deLahunta (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 08:44:30 +0100

Hi Mark,

Saw the notice Tom Erbe posted to the calarts dance-tech list, sent him a
thank you... he seems like cool dude.

I think the letter reminding people to join the list looks fine -- is there
any way that Scott can provide us a current list of signees so that I can
not send to folks on this list who have resubscribed on their own? I'm not
sure which of us had last contact with Scott... but I'm happy to ask him if
you think he would have such a list. It would be nice in future if we would
be able to check on who is signed up, periodically.

On second thought, I've just sent for the OSU listserv HELP file. There may
be a way for us to check who is on ourselves... I seem to recall that this
is possible with listservs.


I'm back -- well, that's VERY cool. To check subscribers to a list just sent
'recipients dance-tech' to the listproc address. In matter of seconds I
received this:

--- Here is the current list of non-concealed subscribers: Leslie Bishko Thecla Schiphorst Lisa Naugle Dawn Stoppiello Scott deLahunta datum online Scott Sutherland Peter Crosbie Albert Jan van der Stel
katja@VNET.IBM.COM Katja Irvin Mark Coniglio moving pictures jane Curwood Robert Wechsler
L_BROOKS@ACAD.FANDM.EDU Lynn Brooks Richard Povall sandra kurtz Stephan Koplowitz
glmrboy@shoko.CALARTS.EDU douglas irving repetto Claudio Pinhanez
djelal@IMAP1.ASU.EDU Aixe' Djelal Johannes Birringer
Total number of subscribers: 22 (22 shown here)

So, if you agree, we can send the reminder to our list, except for the above

Talk to you soon.

Scott deLahunta and Susan Rethorst
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