answering Jean and asking Lisa

Amanda Steggell (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 23:29:39 +0100 (MET)

Hi all,

I would like 2 thank Lisa 4 her description of what went "down" in
Cassandra - a mamouth of organisation! and co-ordination. Scott and Mark's
follow-up, and Jean Leavenworth.

"I think that as artists we tend to get so excited by the possibilities of
the technology that we sometimes lose sight of the artistic vision."
- and vice-versa. But I think what we'v been discussing here is actually
more 2 do with an approach and attitude, isn't it? or I am off on the wrong
track? A fantastic Finish choreographer sternly opened a lecture with the
following words,

"how do I meet u?"

nobody really knew if they were supposed 2 answer him or not! We sat
dumb-founded on our chairs, and listened 2 him repeat over and over again
these 5 words. It was terrifying/exhausting/unsettling. Eventually we
started 2 fumble our way in 2 sum kinda' response, and ended up in full
debate. But I'v found these words v. inspiring ..........

I'd like 2 point u all in the direction of a web-site which seems absurd at
first ............

but then ...... makes u think a bit .... and wonder ... about art ... ..... body .... and if u r really feeling well at all!
(M@ggie wrote herself in 4 treatment by the way)

OK . here's one more question for Lisa, and then, I promise - no more ?'s -
for a while:) I really do.

When u have time Lisa, and i'll b patient, would u mind telling us/me about
the structure of the collaboration group. How did the project get born and
split into the different locations each with their different functions?

that's it folks

with love from
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