Scott deLahunta (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 09:38:51 +0100

Hi Mark --

Hmmm.... recent list activity suggests it's time to act... and I saw your
posting to the link re: our plans, thanks.

The link to the pages is up now. I'm going to work on things this afternoon.

I think we should make another posting to the list to say that indeed the
instructions for signing up to the listserv will be there, etc. I'll work on
one this afternoon and send it to you.

That was a good suggestion there about search engines and getting the
listserv registered.

By the way, we were at one point thinking about splitting the list across
two servers, partially so that whichever part of the site I was responsible
for I would be able to access to upload changes, etc. However, it seems we
are leaning in direction of keeping site on 'artnet', hopefully other day's
downtime will be rare. I do like the URL very much //artnet/~toika/dtz.html
-- it's has good image quality. At any rate, for now, I would like to keep
site with you if that's all right -- so how best to send you changes? Can
you receive attachments in html easily? I'm going to try an experiment with
this email and you can let me know. You may not be comfortable giving me
login information so I can ftp direct to the site. Is it worth considering
getting separate DTZ space on the artnet server -- how much does it cost?

Talk to you soon.


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