Re: Proficient in Technology?

Lisa Naugle (
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 09:04:53 -0800 (PST)

Dear Jean,

Thanks for forwarding the information you sent to Kietha. Did you and she
make contact through the dance-tech list?

Do you find the dance-tech list to be active? I rarely get a message from it.

How is your topic review (dissertation outline) materials coming along.
I've sent Greg an updated version of the outline but have not heard back
yet. I've also trying contacting Suz in the office several times regarding
registration but have not heard back yet.

In any case, I'm o.k...relatively 'bout you?

Bye for now,

>Dear Keitha,
> I am very interested in dance and technology but am not an expert.
>My friend Lisa Naugle is writing her dissertation on various applications
>of dance and technology. She is currently co-teaching an on-line
>choreography course that uses LifeForms. You can reach her at her e-mail
>address at Simon Fraser University where she is teaching and completing
>her research.She can put you in touch with other people who are using
>LIfeForms, etc. Her e-mail-
>Good luck,
>Jean Leavenworth
>(doctoral candidate, NYU)

Lisa Naugle, Ph.D Candidate
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