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From: KEITH A ROBERSON <kroberso@garnet.acns.fsu.edu>
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hey sitoers!
anyone wanna go to grad school for free?
apply now and come to sunny Tallahassee, Florida.

preference to any sitoers who apply!

----call for M.F.A. applicants----

we are pleased to offer a $10,000 dollar
Fellowship for an incoming M.F.A.student.

Sponsored by the Florida State University
Art Dept. and the Center for Oceanography

This is an ongoing cross-disiplinary position in which the student will be
involved in scientific visualization and generation of images / design at
our campus' Oceanography center for 20 hours per week. Applicant needs to
know Photoshop, Quark, basic digital imaging/manipulation, and be familiar
with mac and sgi platforms.

In return, the student will receive 15 credit hours tuition wavier towards
their M.F.A. plus all the benefits of our program:
personal studio space, inter-media freedom,
a vast amount of technical resources, as well as
intimate faculty attention.

We need to fill this position a.s.a.p. So please let your graduating
students know about this opportunity.

For more information about this and other aspects of our M.F.A program,
please contact us at : (850)644-6474 or e-mail me @ keith@ole.fsu.edu

or visit us on the web @ : http://www.fsu.edu/~svad


Keith Roberson
Asst. Prof. of Digital Design
Florida State University

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