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What's new, exciting, free, and on the Internet: Conejo
What is Conejo?
Conejo is a new Internet site devoted to the following goals:
1. Presenting southwestern artists and innovators on the Internet free
of charge.
2. Creating a forum in which the presented works can be reviewed and
commented on by whomever is interested.
3. Allowing artists to submit work in order to gain an easily
accessible, international forum.
4. Updating artists and other interested individuals around the country
about recent developments on Conejo through a free monthly newsletter.

If this concept interests you:
Access our web site or e-mail us in order to give us comments or to ask
questions about submitting works. =20

802-B 28 & =BD St.
Austin, TX 78705
Web Address:

Featured Artist
Of March:
Cornelia White

About the Artist:
Cornelia White grew up in Johnson City, Texas and is a recent
graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. She is currently
employed at the Laguna Gloria Art Museum of Austin. Cornelia is also a
designing contributor at CONEJO.=20

Artist's Media:
2.Oil on masonite.
3.Digital media ( Dabbler, Adobe Photoshop).

Description of=20
Cornelia Whites watercolors consist primarily of iconic
Latina figures contained within ornate spectral negative space. The
backgrounds often arouse thoughts of textured or stained glass. Three
of Cornelia's watercolors have appeared in local exhibitions.=20

Cornelia's presented oils capture images of figures who played pivotal
roles in Cornelia's Latina legacy. The figures are supported with
thoughts evoked by the primary figure. =09

Other Features:
A small collection of Photoshop works is also included in the page as
well as links to interesting art related sites and web page development
About the Page:
This page contains Java applets, and frames. It is therefore
recommended that the page be viewed with Netscape Navigator 2.0 or 3.0,
or with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The opening page contains a link
to the Netscape home page where you can obtain a free copy for
individual use.
Also, considering that this is an art works page, it is best viewed in
16-bit or better color if it is supported by your computer. The works
appear somewhat rough in 256 colors. Color settings can be adjusted in
the display panel of your control panel.

802-B 28 & =BD St.
Austin, TX 78705
Web Address: