Re: File Modifications

Lile Elam ((no email))
Thu, 9 May 1996 17:59:01 -0700

Hi Vincent,

It's great that you are setting up your space. I took a look and
noticed a few problems though.

One: You want to name files without spaces or special characters.
This confuses systems to have such things enbedded in the names.
For instance, your entrance file is "art on the netscape" . I would
suggest calling it "entrance.html" or "vincent.html" instead.
The shorter the names the better too.

Two: you want to call files with extensions so the browser knows
how to display them. The .html or .htm extenion shows that a file is
in html format and should be shown as a html file. If left off, the
file will show up as a text file which lists the code and not the
html page you want.

Images need to have the appropriate extension. A JPEG image should
have a .jpg extension and a GIF should have a .gif extention.
Ie. picture.jpg

Three: You want to make sure you upload all images as binary and
all html files as ascii text. If you upload an image as a text file,
the image will not be viewable. And text files uploaded as binary may
have strange control characters in them.

Are you using a mac or PC?

Other than that, you are doing great. Let me know if you have more