making quicktimes available

alisa lowden (
Thu, 1 Feb 1996 13:29:15 -0500


I have a couple of Quicktime animations (exported from Director with
"animation" compression selected) that I've been trying to put online in my
studio for downloading. I've tried uploading them different ways (binary,
MacBinary, raw data) using both Telnet and Fetch, and each time when I try
to access the animation through Netscape it tells me that it's not a valid
movie file. -This despite the fact that the downloaded image does come up
with the proper icon and says it's a MooV filetype. The file appears to
download correctly until it tries to actually play it, then it gets the
error. I'm using Macs to do this; have tried on both a Powermac and a IIcx.
I know it's not a problem with my Netscape configuration, as I can download
other .qt files and play them. Has anyone else put Quicktime anims online
successfully? -What am I doing wrong?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!