Re: Image Links
Mon, 27 Nov 95 03:10:00 UTC 0000

Reply: Item #2606623 from ARTHUR@XS4ALL.NL@INET#

Hello Arthur,

Here are two images I've set up. Both are identical, both display the
image when clicked on, 1_khm shows an icon in the box and 2_mb3 shows
a "?" in the box. What's missing?

<A HREF="/TheGallery/Madi/Images/1_khm.jpg">
<IMG SRC="1_khm.jpg" ALT="1_khm" HEIGHT=150 WIDTH=100 BORDEr=0></A>
<B>Acrylic lacquer on canvas_72 in. x 62 in. (Jpg 45K)</B>
<A HREF="/TheGallery/Madi/Images/2_mb3.jpg">
<IMG SCR="2_mb3.jpg" ALT="2_mb3" HEIGHT=150 WIDTH=100 BORDER=0></A>
<B>Acrylic laquer on wood_62 in. x 51 in. (Jpg 55K)</B>

Thanks again!

Tab Berkey