Re: Image Links

Bibliotheque Bajazzo (
Sun, 26 Nov 1995 14:37:45 +0100


If there is a questionmark it means the browser can`t find the image.
There can be a few reasons for that.
First; de difference between large and smal caps! d is different from D
2; You gave the wrong adress.
3; the picture isn`t there

I think you made a mistake with the size of your caps

Hope this helps



>Hello again!
>I've tried to get the graphic link images to display, but they just
>show a "?" or some little symbol in the space were I want the images to
>appear. I've tried several scripts (verbatim) and neither will allow
>me to view them with Netscape. Is there something Lile sets to allow
>the images to be displayed?
>When I click on the boxes, my images do come up. So the script
>works, as do all the links.
>Thank you!
>Tab Berkey
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