Sat, 18 Nov 95 09:10:00 UTC 0000


I'm starting a new page on the and I've never done this
before, I'm not really familiar with FTP. When I want to put my
files in my space, what is the address to the FTP files? My WWW
address is Do I just change the www to
The address for the links to my htm pages, are just the file names or
is there more that needs to be added. I hope you can understand what
I'm asking, it's a little hard in the begining to use the right

Is it possible for somebody to view the page and see if everthing is
in proper order? I have an off-line browser that lets me see what I'm
doing, but I can't judge how big the images are being displayed. Is
there a way for me to write into the htm file what dimentions I want
the image to be? I didn't see any reference like that in my books.

I really appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance!

Tab Berkey