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Julia Kay (
6 Oct 1995 10:21:20 -0700

well, i haven't had a chance to look at your pages but...
to the best of my knowledge there is no actual limit on size or quantity...
but for size you might want to think about the average viewer's screen size &
load time. for instance i have a 17 inch monitor at home but most people i
know have a 15 inch. I actually find that a 6X4 inch (vertical) image is the
largest safe bet for an image that can be seen by most people without
scrolling, plus you're not giving the house away, so to speak, if the original
is actually bigger. also my system (a mac powerpc 7100 with a 28.8 modem) is
much more likely to freeze loading a big page than anything else. so there's
something to be said for a little at a time.
you link to other sites the same as you link to your own images and additional
pages, only you specify the entire url. so you could say "i have additional
images at xyz magazine", and make "xyz magazine" a link to the magazine by
putting http:\\ (or whatever) as the link instead of just the name
of your gif or whatever. The link back to you needs to be done at their end.
hope that helps-
Date: 10/5/95 4:27 PM
To: Julia Kay
From: Kent Wahlbeck

I have been busy all the time with things that I had to, so making my pages
took more time than I expected.

Anyway I think I got a layout, that I am rather pleased with. And I got the
images scanned, and some digital paintings too.

Now I would like you to look at my pages, a preview, and tell me what is
right and wrong.
How big can the images be, and how many can I use?
How do I link my pages to other sites, like find-arts and art.bin (a
Swedish magazine where I will have more computer art) and do I just give
art.bin my URl to and then it is OK?



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