Re: c da dir?

DEXTER Scott (
Thu, 28 Sep 95 19:06:00 PDT

for our server (CERN), the default file is welcome.html.

(and Lile, you might want to turn off directory browsing for securities

>From: lile
>To: coffin
>Cc: help
>Subject: Re: c da dir?
>Date: Thursday, September 28, 1995 3:16PM
>> > really? they look like they're there to me. how can you tell they're
>> > there? i see them in your directory!
>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> how do you do this? via ftp - or can you view dir structure
>> on the browser?
>either, it depends. for any directory that doesn't contain a default
>such as "index.html", you can choose to just list the directory and it
>should give you all the files when you use a web browser. just leave
>off the "whatever.html" part.
>also, using ftp, you can browse around to other places by using the
>'cd' command. 'cd ..' brings you up a level.
>now don't snoop too much! ;)