Re: body mold making info needed...

Michael Maier (
Mon, 7 Aug 95 08:16:28 -0400

At 02:48 AM 8/7/95 -0700, Lile Elam wrote:

>I am hoping to obtian some data from fellow artists on working with
>different mediums to complete a piece I have been working on. I need
>data on making molds of the upper portion of the human body.
>Can you help me, or do you know where I might be able to obtain this

Try a combination of a material called algenate and plaster. Algenate is
used by dentists to make molds of peoples teeth. It's somewhat pricey. Call
a dental supply house for pricing. Vaseline up the area to be cover
throughly. Apply the algatenate. It drys in about 5 minutes. Then you need
to add a layer of cloth dipped in plaster on top of this (the algenate is
too flexible without the plaster backing). Try something small and then work
up to larger sections of the body.