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Concerning "trapping", Richard Ginn hath scrawled:

|> I am losing my mind trying to trap complex image separations for
|> printing. Does anyone know of any programs that can trap automatically?

Ginny! *waves*

Yeah, there are several, and only cost $4000-5000 a piece. Nice, eh?
What sort of images are you trying to trap? Most four-color (CMYK) or
photographic work doesn't need to be trapped, since enough of each (or
some) color exists throughout the image to cover yourself.

If you're dealing with complex spot colors, especially gradients, then
you're in trouble. Most illustration progs can be trapped in
rudimentary fashion (knockout the "fill", and set the "stroke" to
_twice_ the desired trap value (.25 points for typical offset; make the
stroke .5 points) and MAKE IT OVERPRINT. The stroke should generally be
the lighter color, so that the lighter color spreads into the darker

A service bureau could prolly trap the files for you with TrapWise or
Island Trapper, and returned .eps files for you (or just output the
film), or you could take it to a (ick) Scitex shop and they'd output it
well-trapped, and charge you a million dollars, so they can pay off
their Scitex proprietary equipment.

If you have any other questions, drop me a line. Prepress is, thing.


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