Otis'ian comment on web page design.

Lile Elam ((no email))
Mon, 5 Jun 1995 11:35:05 -0700

Good points mentined here...
For the FAQ...


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Concerning "call for submissions [phosphorspace]", Tom Nawara hath scrawled:

|> misc:
|> * the site will be running on an sgi webforce challenge s
|> server. (read: very fast)

Tom -- Just a comment on this as well as your "bottled-up" online
exhibition. Bottled-up, or what I've seen of it so far, is beautiful...the
home page image is stunning, but

a 98k image file for an opening page?

I happen to be fortunate enough, too, to be looking at it via 28.8k on a
20" monitor, but I wonder what it looks like to people with 14.4k
connections and a monitor that only lets them see half the page at a time?

Which brings me to the speed issue. Sure, WebForce Challenge S machines are
great, and fast, but the speed of the server is rarely an issue (I've
connected to MacII's running WebShare, just fine...). The slowest
connection speed in the link is the issue (and usually belongs to the

Something about the structure of design needs to take into account its
audience (at least in the case of public displays). And, as much as I'm
impressed by the bottled-up pages, I don't imagine I'll _ever_ show it to
someone as an example ("Hey, check this out...you have to wait 60 seconds,
though") since there are other beautiful and much faster pages to show off.

Not a flame, by a long shot, but some constructive criticism that I think
is generally helpful...especially to us artists, who always want to display
things in all their glory...


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