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Sun, 5 Mar 1995 20:16:54 -0800

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To: John Locke <jlocke@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu>
From: (Jeff Schwartz)
Subject: Re: GIF Interlacing AND Transparent.
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>Has anyone found an application that will do both interlacing and
>for transparent backgrounds? I'm having to use 2 apps and its a pain.

Yep, two possibilities here. First, GraphicConverter will do both (but you
may need to register).

Second (and most importantly, free), the fully AppleScriptable clip2gif.
Does interlacing, transparent backgrounds, and a whole lot more. A link to
clip2gif is at

To see clip2gif in action, check out FogCam! at A QuickCam image is automatically
taken every 4 minutes and fed through clip2gif which reduces the size, puts
colored text on the image, and outputs an interlaced GIF. With the release
of clip2gif v0.4, FogCam! has become much more stable.


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