viewing pics

Ralph Ivy (
Fri, 24 Feb 1995 22:55:08 -0600 (CST)

Help, (good title)

Is there a way of configuring images for optimum viewing via Mosaic or
Netscape? By optimum, I mean keeping image small enough to be viewable
without scrolling, yet large enough to show detail?

Each of my works is part of a series, so I use a consistent size while
creating - a full screen 800x600 w/256 colors.

Which suits my needs fine here, but when I view the image w/Mosaic as
posted at a Web site, I am disconcerted having to scroll around to see
the full image. (Don't like it!) Yet, because I use a lot of text -
written words - within the pic image, I can't reduce it too much, or the
text will be unreadable. So...?

One thought is to reduce the image yet sharpening it, by converting my
pics to 1024x768 w/256 colors. More of the image, if not all, would be
viewable without scrolling, maybe, and while it does increase the byte
count, it's not that much. (A test conversion of a 33k gif from 800x600
to 1024x756 increased the total to 37k. As most of my pics are in the
25k to 50k range, the overall increase would not be that much.)

Back to my original problem. I want to have the whole "page" viewable
at once, but I don't want to reduce it so much that text is unreadable.

Any solutions, suggestions, will be appreciated.

I hope this week to open up my studio at if I can get my html
act together.

Thank you.

Ralph Ivy