Getting Netscape to decode files from my dir...

Mark Coniglio (
Fri, 17 Feb 1995 00:14:10 -0500

I was working on my pages this evening and came across
a problem I couldn't figure out.

I am trying to place a couple of files in my directory
that can be downloaded in Netscape. They have the extension
.sit.hqx as they are Bin-Hexed Stuffit files. When I go
after these files from most FTP sites, Netscape happily
converts them to regular mac files using stuffit expander.
But when I go after these files from Netscape, it doesn't
download the files but just shows me the binhex text.

I tried adding the prefix "file:// ... " to the URL to
get it to recognize the file, but Netscape sez file
not found.

What gives? (I have this nagging feeling that I my
inability to make this work is because of my faint
knowledge of unix.) Is it because our directory is
inaccessible to outsiders or does netscape not decode
the files unless they are coming from FTP or Gopher?

Any leads appreciated

Mark Coniglio Troika Ranch

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