Sun, 5 Feb 95 01:57:32 -0500

>What I did was save my graphics as GIF, then I encoded them with UUlite
>thinking that was needed for the UNIX she's using. In the past I've sent
>graphics in GIF binary; send text as raw. Do I have them reversed? How do I
>FTP files using a Mac?

I *just now* FTP'ed stuff to my (new) studio from my mac and I checked
the results, so this SHOULD BE true :-) :-) :

1. Save your graphics as GIF. You're doing this; great. As a note,
though, I've had trouble with Painter5.0's GIF format (I think, or
was it PICT?); however, at home I user a combo of SuperPaint and
GraphicConverter, and the GIF comes out fine.

2. Use Fetch to send the GIF directly (no uuencoding!) as a binary
and as "raw data." If you don't have Fetch, you can get it from
"" (via anonymous FTP).

Hope this helps. Let me know if this doesn't work (it really should,


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