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An inlined image is an image that appears on your browser's window,
such as buttons and icons and fancy header graphics. Other,
non-inlined images are usually brought up separately, by an
independent graphics displaying program (such as xv on UNIX machines).
So, yes, the graphics you click on to get the bigger file are inlined
graphics, but not all inlined graphics will yield a bigger file when
clicked on, if you know what I mean :-)

Traditionally, the only types of images that are commonly used as
inlined images are GIFs and xbm bitmaps (this is because these are the
2 types that Mosaic allows --- I don't know much about
Netscape/Mozilla). xbm bitmaps are black and white; GIFs are color.

To put an inlined graphic in a page, you use the HTML:

<img src="URL HERE">

To put in a non-inlined graphic, you use:

<a href="URL HERE">name-of-graphic</a>
(just like as if you were specifying a link to an HTML document)

Ergo, the graphics you mentioned above were probably done like

<a href="URL of large version of graphic"><img src="URL of small
version of graphic">Click on this icon to see a larger version of this

Hope this helps.


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