gif vs. jpg

Lile Elam ((no email))
Wed, 1 Feb 1995 20:29:57 -0800

Hi folks,

An issue has arisen and I feel it's important to bring it
to all artists' attention...

The issue is that when you use inlined images, it is important
that these images are gifs so that the Mosaic browser can
successfully view the images.

Our site doesn't discrimate between Mosaic and Netscape.
We need to have the pages viewable by both. Netscape will not
always be free and I want people to be able to use a browser
that is free (ie. Mosaic) when push comes to shove.

We are on a high speed T1 link here and I would prefer to have
a little bit bigger file size transfered than ones that are
not viewable via Mosaic. (jpg files are always smaller than
gif files)

So I urge you to use gif as inlined images and jpg as images
that are not inlined.

I hope you understand why this is so important. I don't want to
force anyone to use netscape to view your studios successfully.




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