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Lile Elam ((no email))
Wed, 25 Jan 1995 13:12:37 -0800

> From Wed Jan 25 11:39:34 1995
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> Maybe we can comiple a list of such sites, along with references to html
> FAQ/editing sites. There's a new Usenet group called www.announce, where
> I've been finding some interesting URLs. Let's make our own lists!
> jaxun

Gosh, that's a great idea. :)

Any mail sent to the alias is being spooled in a
file so that we can use it to make a help FAQ (Frequently Asked
Questions) page for artists.

If you have any URL's that you would like added to the site
pages, please send them to and we can add them.
This will make it so that artists won't feel the need to have
hugh long list of links to other sites in their studios...

Mark of Trokia Ranch and jaXun are helping us put together the html
Help pages and I think adding such info to those pages would be great
there... So if you have a idea, please send the idea to the help list.

I think it's good to knock around some ideas on the
list but I just don't want people to be overwhelmed but alot of mail
on this list... so please use your descretion when selecting an alias
to mail to...

If you would like to be added or deleted form and alias, please
send mail to the relating and the folks maintaining
that alias will take care of it.

The current aliases on are: all artists on
If you are apart of our site,
you are on this alias and we
need you here. volunteer artists available for helping artists once they
have joined "Art on the Net"
(spooled to a file for Help FAQ) various artists from "Art on the Net" and other sites about the Internet
such as OTIS. For discussing anything
that comes to mind... :) OTIS artists list for Otis'ians the webmasters who create and maintain the site pages and bring new artists
studios and gallery rooms online to
"Art on the Net"

Let me know if you have any ideas for new aliases that we might want
to create and use on

thanks and hugs!



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