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Lile Elam ((no email))
Wed, 25 Jan 1995 10:59:35 -0800

Hi Chris,

I would suggest that you put our site URL on your business card
and just tell people you are in the studios... Thats what I do
and it lets them know that my studio is just one of many at
"Art on the Net"...

As for perminance, well nothins ever that perminate. :) It probably
won't change for awhile for you as I have already moved you into the
right place. As for other artists, well I will be moving them about
just a bit as I get things situated better...

I use:

at the bottom of my card...

Art on the Net

One other thing is that it is alot easier to recall the site address
instead of the studio address. If the string is too long, some people
freak and never go see the site...

Hope this helps.

see ya,



Lile Elam | "a brush in hand, a wisp of wind, she sighs | knowing that this will be the great one..." | -lile

>From Wed Jan 25 09:40:28 1995
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 09:45:25 -0800
From: (Chris Rigatuso)
Subject: Re: New URL
To: Lile Elam <>

How permanant is this? I was thinking of printing it on a business-card.
Thanks, Chris

You wrote:

>I restructured abit tonight...
>Your new URL is: