etoys vs etoy

kiyotei (kiyotei|
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 16:57:13 -0800

Fellow artists,

Let's put this fight in proper perspective.

Just suppose you have a web site with the domain name (founded
in 1994).
Now suppose you have a large corporate site with a domain name of (founded in 1997)
with solid venture capital from Benchmark Capital, SOFTBANK Technology
Ventures and Sandler Capital Management.

So far this is true.

Now lets imagine . . .
Some customers are upset by the content of certain artworks on the site and are worried that their children might see naked
pictures or other such obsenities that artists are known for producing. lawyers start legal action which results in being denied
the right to use the domain.

Ask yourself, can this happen? Is a registered trademark? Can
we afford an expensive legal battle? You may think that the recent battle is an isolated incident but it is not.

Here are a few examples:

HMO Health Net vs
Leonardo Finance vs Leonardo magazine
Gannett vs
ToysRUs vs Roadkills-R-Us
Ford Motor Co. vs
E-Stamp vs EStamps
Hasbro vs Clue Computing

Guess who usually wins? The big bully with the stock options and the
expensive legal muscle. has always supported freedom of speech on the internet.
Please show your support by engaging in the war against coporate greed.
Protect your rights online.

Find out how at: