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Tue, 25 May 1999 20:23:38 -0700

>From listlord Sun May 23 22:01:04 1999
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 21:57:29 -0700
From: "Julia L. Kay" <>
Subject: open studios in east bay of california, usa

hi there! if any of you are in the bay area of california in the
usa, the first two weekends of june are open studios in the east bay, and
my partner david and i will be participating along with hundreds of other
artists. what this means is you can get a map and wander from studio to
studio looking at artwork and thinking about how cool it would be to live
in an uninsulated warehouse in the poorest part of town... (sorry my
cynicism leaked out there)... actually it's great fun and one of the main
drawbacks of opening your studio is you don't get to go around and visit
everyone else.
in any event, if you want to preview my work it's at and if you want to see more recent work you can
preview the lots of broken links here! new site in progress at my partner david friedheim makes welded
steel sculpture and some of his work can be seen at
There is a show of all the artists at the proarts gallery on ninth
street in downtown oakland; the reception is 7-9 on june 3rd. you can pick
up a map there, we're number 209 on the map. if you don't want to get the
map & do the rounds but you just want to come visit us (-: you can find us

1115 32nd Street
oakland, ca 94608

from 11am to 6pm on june 5,6,12, & 13.

the building is on the corner of adeline & 32nd street in west oakland. the
entrance is through the gated parking lot on 32nd street. to find us on a
map, check out
or just go to and type in the address if that url
was too long for your email client and/or for any other reason it became
ciao for now!