Lile Update...

Lile Elam (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 17:52:07 -0800

Hi fellow artists,

Just a note to let you know that today is my last day working
at the local community college here (Foothill/De Anza).

Starting this Monday (March 1, 1999), I will begin working
full-time on My focus will be in further developing our
site's functions and features as well as increasing our artist
community here.

If you have any ideas for site improvements, please send me
a note with them. And if you know of any artists who might like
to join our community, please have them contact me.

Also, if you still need to reach me concerning your access to
our site, please call me at (650) 322-8021. Please note that
after today, I will not be reachable at the college... my
number there was (650) 949-6240.

I now have a high speed Internet access from my studio and
will be working on from there for the rest of this year.
It's a DSL connection and gives me close to T1 speeds when accessing
the Internet. Please note that this is for my own access and not's. Our site will remain on the T1 connection at Network

I am really looking forward to this change and appreciate any
support and/or ideas you have to share. Help us to bring
into the new century and have it live up to it's name...
so that it truely is an international network of artists!



Lile Elam
Founder and Webmaster
Art on the Net (
(650) 322-8021