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Barry Smylie (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 08:00:00 -0500

yes exactly and especially artists
artists could always count on our old (original tool and face paint) charcoal
the best mediums do not require complicated viewing devices - like expensive
the internet (through cheap consumer web tv and 2002 digital compliance when the
$300 external digital descrambler must be built into the set and all
transmissions must be primarily digital - although an analog carrier will be
allowed at broadcaster's decision) might be the most important and approachable
and mass age appropriate medium.... your computer might not be the consumer
machine - it might be a studio tool... the tv itself will probably be the way
that the average person views your work

but that still leaves the walls barren and lifeless

i like to use my hands in ways other than this limited typing and mouse handling
- there is pleasure of the body in the old time materials

the infinite monkeys actively seek your critical and academic "papers" please

Judith Bailey wrote:

> This is so deep....however have some forgotten that not everyone can purchase
> a computer with all the appropiate software? The unfortunate ones will have
> to continue to worship the god of the inexpensive paper and pencil.
> Materialism is in the eye of the beholder!
> Judith
> Barry Smylie wrote:
> > > >i cannot bear the tactile nature of 250 gram hand laid rag paper
> > > >my fingers caressing it and thinking of paris rag pickers
> > > >i cannot confront the hundreds of hours of planning and drawing and
> > > >etching
> > > >the grinding of stone on stone - the vent of fumes
> > > >i loath the idea of rushes and revisions on plates
> > > >trying to dissuade the "artist" away from labor intensive revisions
> > > >the shear effort of it
> > >
> > > this is very dificult situation for a generation educated in a
> > > traditional material culture, to switch from a
> > > action in material world to a virtual one. its like worshiping a 'God'
> > > with no aqppirance instad of a material idol.
> > > Avi.
> >
> > for me (smylie:) .avi i find it difficult to maintain my ties with the old
> > world art idol
> > i am loosing my grip on materialism
> > i am caught in a spiritualist votex digital black whole multimedia thing
> >
> > is it wise to be drawn drawing so far from the actuality of stone
> > of cast epoxy resin
> > of acrylic emulsion on nylon canvas?
> >
> > is the internet
> > like the academy
> > a read only crashed herring
> > drug
> > along
> > the path?
> >
> > pilgrim.avi